men not gods – out now


as the cosmic dust settled on the goldfields of victoria, everyman (his own sunset) gathered its fragments to construct this unique long playing listening experience.  an album where the tones and drones are woven so tightly together to create a fabric full of colour, darkness and light, that even they have been left speechless with the final weft of sounds that abound.  like an exploding nebulae, they now offer this listening experience to everyman, everywhere.

Available to hear or buy HERE


men not gods


UPDATE: men not gods can be heard or purchased HERE

ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited debut album by everyman (his own sunset) is now complete.  it is entitled men not gods because we are men not gods.  at present we are finalising a few important details and anticipate something happening soon.  stay tuned for more in the next few weeks.

men not gods.

1. people knew who I was
2. his own
3. gina
4. frank never wore no kaftan
5. everything nothing
6. sunset
7. bag drop
8. hoopla hoopla hoopla
9. cult of damp comradeship

early reviews

Karl Marx:

“Every man is occasionally visited by the suspicion that the planet on which he is riding is not really going anywhere; that the Force which controls its measured eccentricities hasn’t got anything special in mind. If he broods on this somber theme long enough he gets the doleful idea that the laughing children on a merry-go-round or the thin, fine hands of a lady’s watch are revolving more purposely than he is. Philosophy stands in the same relation to the study of the actual world as masturbation to sexual love.”

Conan’s father:

“We are just men, not gods, not giants, just men.”